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Eric discovered his love for cycling after building his first bike—part by part—at the age of 10 with the help of his paper route savings. The freedom and adventure of mountain bikes fueled the infatuation, which eventually led to racing.


Eric began racing mountain bikes in the late 90’s and quickly switched to road, crit and cyclocross racing. It took 12 years and one hip surgery to get it out of his system. Eric no longer races much, though he continues to seek out long rides—flat or hilly, paved or unpaved… doesn’t matter.


Eric has studied the human body in great detail through his degrees in Exercise Science (AAS) and Physical Therapy (PTA 07628). Combining his previous knowledge of racing, strength and conditioning, biomechanics and bike mechanics, He strives for seamless bike and body integration in his own riding and in yours.


Experience Eric’s extensive background in Exercise Science, Physical Therapy (PT) and years of racing. He has worked for several years in Sports and Orthopedic PT, treating anything from ankles to head, though has taken particular interest in orthopedic conditions affecting the lower back and hips. Prior to his work in PT, Eric worked for 8 years as a mechanic for various bike shops in the Columbus, OH area. Prior to that, Eric was a pest in various bike shops in the central and western Ohio areas.