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Education & Certifications


Continuing Education is required in nearly every professional area, especially in Physical Therapy. Why would Cycling Analysis be any different?


Eric has taken and completed the following, which contribute to his evaluative and analytic process:


  • International Bike Fitting Institute: Level 3

  • Cyclologic Cycling Analytics and Contact Point Analysis: Level 2

  • Serrota International Cycling Institute:
    Bike Fit Certified

  • Pelvic Floor for the Athlete

  • Biomechanics of the Foot and Ankle


Eric Peters began racing mountain bikes in the late 90’s and quickly embraced road, criterium, and cyclocross racing. Although Eric doesn’t race as often or as intensely as he did in his 20s and 30s, he still toes the line a few times a year in various disciplines to ensure his fit styles match the racing styles. ie: There is a difference between a cyclocross position and a road position.


Eric has studied the human body in great detail through his degrees in Exercise Science (AAS) and Physical Therapy (PTA Lic. #07628). Combining his previous knowledge of racing, strength and conditioning, biomechanics, and bike mechanics, Eric strives for perfection in his own riding as well as yours.


With Erg, you will experience Eric’s extensive background in Exercise Science and Physical Therapy (PT) combined with years of racing and working on bikes. He has worked for several years in Sports and Orthopedic PT, treating injury and post-op conditions from head to toe. Eric takes particular interest in orthopedic conditions affecting the lower back, hips, as well as the complex biomechanics regarding the foot and ankle. Biomechanics of the foot and ankle, in particular, play an enormous role in cleat, shoe, and foot placement with regard to the bike.


Prior to his work in PT, Eric worked for many years as a mechanic for various bike shops in the Columbus, Ohio area.

Education & Background

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