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Bringing Back a Passion for Riding...

“I had hit the final frustration point with my bike. Although it was beautiful, riding it for any length of time proved painful, drove my hands and toes to numbness, and was ultimately zero fun. When I initially approached Eric it was to have him help me sell my bike. He had a better idea though, altering my bike in a way that was ergonomically and physiologically meant  for me. He examined my reach and body angles, and adjusted—increment by increment—to specifications that fit me until the bike no longer felt like a tool I was struggling to use. Instead, it felt like an extension of me. With his combination of caring, body physics knowledge and mechanical expertise, Eric brought back my passion for riding again.”

– Bre  (Grandview/Columbus, Ohio)

Suggesting a Part Change for Better Body Mechanics...

“Thanks for working with me at PG. I’ve been out riding a couple times since your process and the changes feel good! I have the new crank length on order. The fit process was eye opening, and I feel I have a better understanding of my body mechanics as they relate to the bike. Thanks again!

– Vince  (Columbus, Ohio)

Tweaking the Bike as Our Bodies Age...

Eric, THANK YOU for helping to keep this 'old lady' in the saddle! Your skills and knowledge have made my biking experience much more comfortable, and I can ride longer. I truly appreciate your time, talents and expertise.

– Pam (Troy, Ohio)


Rider Feedback

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