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Erg Cycling Analysis


| erge’nämik |

intended to provide optimum performance, comfort, and to avoid stress or injury
Erg: bike-body-integration

Erg Cycling’s analysis is a process that improves your cycling experience by providing very specific modifications to your body's position on the bike. Your position should be a precise interaction between a number of variables—including joint angles, exercise economy, mechanical efficiency, and comfort—all to minimize resistive force and maximize velocity while also reducing the risk of injury.

1. Assess
Erg Cycling Assessment
3. Reasses/Ride

Process Overview

2. Modify
Erg Cycling modification
Erg Cycling Analysis

Erg will take an in-depth look at your flexibility as well as your joint angles while on the bike. Video analysis is used to quantify these objective measurements while other channels provides pedal stroke and saddle pressure analysis. We will also discuss your off-bike fitness and how your daily life plays a role in how you function on the bike.

Once a baseline of data has been established, Erg will work with your subjective feedback and on-bike position analysis to make a series of positional adjustments (ie: cleats, shoes, saddle position, handlebars) to optimize how your body position is interacting with your bike. Even a few millimeters can be eye opening!

Erg's process achieves an improved position by optimizing joint angles, saddle pressure, and pedaling. Your riding experiences should be free from  numb feet, tingling hands, and a sore neck/back, etc. Once you’ve ridden for a few weeks, we'll touch base to see how things are going and to ensure we’ve accomplished your goals, such as eliminating  knee pain.  

Eric & Jen Peters of Erg Cycling Analysis

Who is Erg?

Eric Peters brings together an extensive background in Exercise Science and Physical Therapy combined with years of road, mountain and cyclocross riding and racing. Before his current career path in Sports and Orthopedic Physical Therapy, Eric worked as a mechanic at various bike shops around Columbus, Ohio.

Rider Testimonials

I had hit a final frustration point with my bike...riding it was painful and drove my hands and toes to numbness. Eric examined and adjusted—increment by increment. His expertise brought back my passion for riding!"


- Bre

Eric, Thank you for working with me. The changes feel good! The fit process was eye opening and I feel I have a better understanding of my body mechanics as they relate to the bike."

- Vince

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